Gistoneer is a free audio, photos, and text-sharing social media. Anyone can post any type of free audio, or photo and also they can share their thought with people that love or follow them.

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Why Gistoneer

Radio Station, Preachers etc. can use Gistoneer to post copies of their mp3-format programs after airing for their followers to listen to, or download afterwards, to make sure nobody misses a favorite program.

Artists can use Gistoneer to upload their exclusive content, and post other free content to push their voice closer to their fans.

Everyone else can use Gistoneer to post their favorite contents, such as photos, audios, create tracks playlists and chat with their friends and family.

If a particular account reaches 10,000 followers and your contents got 100,000 views in past 30days, we will activate Creator Funds Dashboard for you.

Creator Funds Dashboard:

Users who’ve build up a substantial followings and views might consider making money through the Gistoneer Creator Fund Dashboard.

Revenue from the Creator Funds can vary from user to user and is calculated based on factors like the size of your audience, the quality of your user engagement, and the frequency of your Gistoneer contents.

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